What is joomla?

What do you think goes into a web site like FaceBook? Think about all the elements outside of graphics, links, banners and the database that makes it all functional. For just about most developer making a FaceBook like site may seem daunting! What if you were able to produce a web community site like FaceBook without developing all the code and database implementation. Joomla an open source software (which means it's free) content management allows you to dynamically create a web site in no time! What took days now takes hours and you don't have to be a superior web designer with prior programming knowledge. Essentially, Joomla is a web site that creates web site. The plugins and community support are readily avaialable with developers contributing add ons making the web development process easier to incorporate such functions that link your articles to your Twitter account keeping your social network consistently up to date.

Now you ask how do you build a web site as so large as FaceBook? Joomla incorporates functions as user account creation including option for your web site to be able to create user specific pages. This content manager is able to make your web site customizable not only back-end user accessible, but also front-end user accesibility. This gives your user to customize their own content on their account. This can be found in Joomla's Community Builder. Joomla can also be intergrated with the phpBB community. Please check out the official Joomla web site www.joomla.org.


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